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Household Electrical Hazards & Advice

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Electrical hazards can be invisible but deadly, causing fires and possible shock.


Such hazards are easily preventable if you use an NICEIC registered contractor to install, inspect and maintain your electrical installation as required:


Government figures indicate that each year there are around:


• 10 fatal and 2000 non-fatal shock accidents in the home


• 19 fatal and 880 non-fatal shock accidents in the workplace


• There are also 12.500 electrical fires in the home across the UK each year


Many accidents are caused by faulty appliances rather that electrical installation faults, however, a properly installed and well maintained electrical system will help to save lives.


Cables - switches - socket outlets and other equipment deteriorate with prolonged use


All too often, I inspect properties with defective wiring and dangerous accessories with owners totally unaware of the potential hazards that exist for themselves and their children.


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